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Stop Drinking Milk and Lose 10lbs

Posted on: September 3, 2010

I got a lot of feedback when I mentioned that I stopped drinking milk and I lost 10lbs in one month. I also mentioned that organic milk (which I drank for years) is not really organic. Here’s the story of why I stopped drinking milk and the results. Also I will talk about the 3 different kinds of milk.

About 6 months ago on the first visit to Dr. Jack Tips, my homeopathic & naturalist doctor, Dr. Tips suggested I stop drinking milk & ice cream for one month and “let’s see how you feel.” I said I only drink organic milk though. He said it didn’t matter organic milk is still homogenized and therefore very unhealthy. So I cut out milk & ice cream (I had ice cream a few times a week) from my diet. Dr. Tips suggested freezing grapes as an alternative to ice cream which I did not do until several months later, but have found it as a nice alternative to ice cream. One month after I stopped drinking milk I felt better, had less stomach problems, and lost 10lbs. I told my step father this and he tried it for one month and guess what? He had the same result he lost 10lbs also in one month.

The reason for this is that unless you drink raw organic milk you are not getting the enzymes your body needs. Unfortunately it is illegal in most states (believe it or not in America!) to sell raw organic milk. There is a lot of misinformation about raw organic milk, but it’s what people drank for centuries until pasteurization brought us the milk we have today. When milk is pasteurized or homogenized the milk is heated up for a short period of time to kill harmful enzymes, but good enzymes are killed as well. These good enzymes are essential for digesting milk properly. Homogenization actually causes milk products to scar the arteries in your body which leads to heart disease.

There is a lot more we can discuss when it comes to milk products because the factors that go into making milk healthy are numerous. If you must drink a little milk (I have a friend who likes milk in her coffee) here is a guide to the 3 different kinds of milk.

Regular supermarket milk

This milk comes from a cow that is:

1) genetically modified

2) given antibotics

3) confined environment (it has been proven scientifically that animals that are scared, unhappy, abused, ect. release hormones or negative adrenaline that goes into it’s milk.

4) growth hormone injections

5) fed chemically laced food

and the milk has been through homogenization or pasteurization. I think it goes without saying that this milk is the worst kind of milk you can consume.

Organic Milk

Should be from a free range non genetically modified cow. Not given antibiotics or growth hormones. Hopefully had a grass fed diet which is not always the case as it’s not necessary for milk that is labeled organic to be from grass fed cows.

The milk is still has has been through homogenization or pasteurization. If you must drink a little milk like with coffee then go this route. I did put organic milk in my coffee the first month, but after I saw so much improvement I decided to cut even that out and take my coffee black.

Raw Organic Milk

This milk comes from a cow that has:

1) Not genetically modified

2) Not given antibotics

3) free range

4) No growth hormone injections

5) Grass fed

6) Not been through homogenization or pasteurization

The best milk to drink… if you can get this milk without being arrested. 😉

Lastly, I want to encourage all of you to try to cut milk & milk products out of your diet for one month and “see how you feel.” I know there are other milk products like cheese & butter I didn’t mention. So real quick I still do eat cheese & butter once in a while, but butter & cheese are probably the most important products to buy organic! If you’re a “milk-a-holic” start small by just eliminating drinking milk except with coffee.

Let us know your results.


3 Responses to "Stop Drinking Milk and Lose 10lbs"

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What about RAW Goat Milk???.. I heard that has a lot of health benefits. I give it to my dog sometimes.

Yes I know Raw goat milk is popular because of raw cow milk issues that I mentioned in the post. I have not had or know much about it so if anyone does please share. Thanks.

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