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Gelato vs. Ice Cream

Posted on: January 31, 2013

gelato 2

Have a sweet tooth? Have you tried gelato?

It’s similar to ice cream. Just made in smaller batches and using fresh ingredients, and tastes creamier. It’s said to be healthier than ice cream– 4 reasons Gelato is healthier.

Healthy dessert? Yes please.

This is one of our first posts on Locally owned for 2013! If you are in Austin, TX you should check out M Bella Gelato . They offer great & unique flavors including Grandma’s Apple Pie, Basil Lime, Jalapeno Watermelon, Peppered Chocolate. Just to name a few.  I had their holiday special– peppermint mocha– over the holidays. OMG! It tastes like Starbucks Mocha- Peppermint frap, but in ice cream form. Deliziosissima!

So besides custom and unique flavors they have organic gelato and they do catering for parties, events, etc.

My only negative is that they need a trailer already! Check them out you won’t be disappointed.



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